Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I set up my email?
Answers: Email Settings on the Aztec Internet Mail Server
If you are on the aztec internet mail server you will need to add the following settings:
Run the wizard on your email software (Outlook, AppleMail, Thunderbird etc) and add the following settings:
Server type: POP3
Username: your email address
Password: the password either you requested or we supplied you with.
Incoming server:
Outgoing Server:
Note: We use standard password authentication for outgoing email so please tick the box if It asks you to specify whether you require a username or password for outgoing email and fill in your username and password there as well. We also use standard ports.
If you have issues within Apple Mail or any other email program for sending email then check your settings and in the outgoing server settings area try changing your authentication settings from “Password Authentication” to “MD5 Challenge Response” as we support that as well. You can even tick Use SSL if your email program uses the same type of secure connection we do. If it doesn’t work then untick it.
A number of our customers have asked us if we can provide mailboxes bigger then 200Mb. We have purchased a block of 1&1 email accounts that we can provide on a first come first served basis which are 2.0Gb each. They are £25 per year.
Email Settings on the 1&1 Mail Servers
To get to the settings on the 1&1 mail server you need to go here.
Question: If I am struggling to set up my email accounts on my computer can you help me?
Answer: Free telephone and email support
We provide support free of charge to our clients for email settings however it is often easier to use an IT professional to do this for you if you have a number of email accounts to set up on multiple devices. You pay them for this but it’s often worth it to save yourself the hassle.
When we give telephone support we prefer to log onto your computer with Join Me. It’s a remote connection package that allows us to do the setting up process for you or at least watch what you are doing while you do it. You need to download this from
Question: What web automation software (scripting Language) do you support?
Answer:  Web Scripting Languages
We support PHP, Python & Perl on the Aztec Servers
Question: What database is installed on the Aztec Internet Servers?
Answer: Aztec Databases
We support the MySQL database server however the is a premium service and we suggest you make sure you backup your data regularly (see next question if you would like help with that task).
Question: What type of Backups do you perform?
Answers: Our Backups Explained

There are two different types of backups we employ here at Aztec Internet:

Server Configuration backups and our premium paid service for customer website and data backups. We don’t backup email content as this is easily done by clients via POP3 or IMAP archiving to your own PC or Mac. In fact we always give out POP3 settings whenever we set up the email account as this backs up your email to your PC as standard.
Server Configuration Backups:
All our web servers employ either a software or hardware RAID backup controller and a second drive. So in the eventuality of a damaged hard drive there is a spare within the server itself. This spare drive is written to at the same time as the master drive and can be swapped over when a drive goes down (hardware malfunction). This does not cover the server for the eventuality of serious data corruption (software & OS malfunction). For this type of issue we would employ a restore of the system’s configuration which we call re-imaging the drive. There would then be a manual restore of DNS, email accounts and webspace. This will get you back to the point of you re-uploading your copy of the website unless you pay for our premium Website Backup services.
End User Backups:
Like any form of important data from paper documents to business accounts in software packages like Sage for example it is always a good idea for you to keep three copies of your data. As this is ultimately the responsibility of the data’s owner.  However if you have a web designer he will usually keep copies of his work on file which gives you the bare bones resource to resurrect your website to the point where he or she last worked on it. If it’s a database driven website and if he agreed it with you, then he may even run a script on your website to send himself a backup copy of your database too. This would count as one of your three backups.
It’s easy to backup a simple website that doesn’t require a database but if you do use a database things can be slightly more complicated in the eventuality of having to re-upload your site after a data loss scenario.
To help you with creating backups we have two reasonably priced premium backup services that will aid you in one of your three data backups on our premium packages page. We suggest, if you don’t pay for our premium backup services, that you keep an up to date copy at work, at home and with your web developer.
Aztec Website Backup (Premium Paid Additional Service)
This package is the simplest of our backup packages and takes a snapshot of your static website that doesn’t use a database at any frequency you choose (nightly, Weekly etc). We charge per stored backup quantity so if you want to keep the last two nights backups in the repository so you can restore from either you would pay for two backups.
Website Backup Plus (Premium Paid Additional Service)
This backup service also backs up your MySQL database. Perfect for WordPress, ModX, Drupal, Concrete 5 or any CMS package and most e-commerce packages. And again you pay per number of stored backups.
Useful backup plugins
We also have a downloads section with some examples included of automated and non-automated backup plugins for some popular content management solutions so you can backup your websites yourself to Google Drive and possibly some other data backup services. But there are many plugins to perform this job (paid and free) you can find in the plugins repositories of most web applications.
Question: What are your payment terms?
Answer: Aztec Payment Terms
We will invoice you annually for your services and expect payment within 14 days however if you need more time please contact us. On more expensive custom packages we would negotiate monthly or quarterly payments.

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