Aztec Premium Services

Our Mercury Package at £70 will cover the basic needs of many but sometimes you need more so here are a list of our Premium services to enhance your package and give you the facilities you may need with more complex websites.

Here is a list of our premium paid services:

Additional Email Boxes (200Mb) – £17 per mailbox per year.

1&1 mailboxes (2.0Gb) – £30 per year

Custom DNS Pointing – Simple website or MX pointing is included.
Setup and annual fee applies for more complex setups based on  time taken to set them up.

Database Service – £55 per year
Required for most dynamic content.

Website Backup Service – £30 per stored backup per year.
Doesn’t include for MySQL Backup. (See full details below).

Website Backup Service Plus – £50 per stored backup per year.
Includes for MySQL Backup. (See full details below).

Services Explained in more detail:

Additional email boxes for your Mercury Package

Custom DNS pointing

We can point your  web and/or email services to other providers servers like google, 1&1, Microsoft etc. We just require you to send us the details you need setting up.

This service carries an annual hosting fee of £30 but for complicated configurations that require some time to set up may incur a set-up fee.

Databases for dynamically driven websites

Websites that use the popular WordPress or another content management system or E-commerce websites are usually based on the requirement of a Database. We use the popular MySQL database server.

If you have a dynamic website that requires a database we can provide you with one for £55 per year which will get you up and running. You nay also be interested in our additional data backup facility which we talk about next.

Website Backup Service

If you have a standard website that doesn’t require a database and you have accidentally overwritten a page you realise you don’t have a copy of we can provide you with a running backup service. This will take a number of periodic backups. Just tell us how many you want to store and the frequency you want us to set up (minimum time gap is 24 hours). These are stored to a specialist FTP backup service and will save you re-uploading your entire website in the eventuality of data corruption.

This service is £30 per year per backup so if you have two running backups it will be £60 per year and so on.

Website Backup + (Plus MySQL backup)

The records stored on your website are your own responsibility to back up as would be your Sage accounts package records or a database you keep on Google Docs. And we recommend always taking a backup after a serious amendment however we can provide you in the eventuality of a database corruption error a backup facility that will take a snapshot of your MySQL database to a separate facility (not on the server your website is hosted on).

The Website Backup + facility is £50 per year per backup so if you have two running backups it will be £100 per year and so on.

We also have a web and email hosting consultancy service to discuss your ongoing requirements if you are interested. Contact us on [email protected] to discuss the level of consultancy you need.

We really hope you see everything you need but we are always open to any suggestions on what other related services may be of interest to you so if you have any then please get in touch with [email protected]

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